Upping the calendaring game once again!

I love calendaring! And it’s not just a one time thing. How I use mine and interact with it is always changing. I was recently reading a newsletter from Kiah Worling (tech genius!) and she had the following suggestion: Create time to rest and recharge, strategise and plan by having “refresh weeks” blocked out in […]

Are you procrastinating or doing the right thing for yourself?

Procrastination… It’s a tough one. And many people say that they have problems with it. Clients come to work with me lamenting that they procrastinate too much and that’s why they get nothing done. But sometimes I’d argue, we’re just not meant to do that thing being procrastinated on’. Ancient Greek philosophers like Socrates and […]

Three questions with an Arbonne Independent Consultant

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Nedda Daou Arbonne Independent Consultant florandorder handy tips Writing down appointments is a great way to get it stuck into your head. To ensure you don’t lose that important note, make sure it’s in your digital calendar as well. By having a digital calendar, that makes it mobile – moving with you flexibly. Like Nedda, […]

Three questions with a Financial Planner

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Morris La Spina Financial Planner Morris La Spina Financial Planner florandorder handy tips If you have important client meetings come up, make sure your digital calendar is colour coded. This lets you know straight away what is coming up in your week and if it’s work related or personal. If you have a lot of […]

3 ways to manage idea accumulation

Storage, Trust and Schedule With so much information and insights into other people’s routines, it can be quite overwhelming. We have 24 hour access to millions of methods of doing things. It’s no wonder that many of us have become idea collectors. Well let me add 3 simple ways to manage this – Storage, Trust […]

3 things to do before taking on a financial commitment

Don’t spend money you don’t have – realistic financial commitments The success of The Barefoot Investor book shows just how powerful organising your finances can be. It talk about the steps of financial commitment and how to be accountable to it. If you haven’t read the book, I recommend doing so, it’s easy to get […]