Cetaphil’s numerous beauty jobs


Following on from my post about the wonders of Bicarb Soda – another product in my arsenal that doubles up as several items and therefore takes up less space, is Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.

This gentle cleanser is inexpensive and covers four needs for me:

  • with a rough wash cloth it’s my exfoliator;
    • cost effective and much better for me as I avoid microbeads, crushed fruit seeds and other exotic combinations that my skin can’t handle
  • it’s my shaving gel;
  • it removes eye and face make-up;
  • and it’s a soap alternative.
    • Great for people with skin conditions or sensitive skin

Considering that a bottle lasts quite a while, this product is an underrated tool. For the number of services I get from one bottle it almost feels as if I’m stealing from Cetaphil.