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flor&order regularly speaks and conducts workshops for small to large audiences on a broad range of organising topics. Providing practical tips, strategies and ideas to assist the audience to become more organised.

Small Business Program

“Show me the office, and I can tell you the state of the business.”

– Henry Viljoen, Business Coach at My Business Revolution

Having an organised office equals more productivity and therefore more fulfilling work. By setting up the right foundations, a business can achieve more and give more.

Some areas that our work may explore:

1. Set up/improve physical space to maximise space and improve workflow and productivity

2. Declutter and implement effective paperwork and digital file systems

3. Establish routines for improving productivity and workflow

4. Manage incoming and outgoing mail (physical and digital)

5. Sort and organise stock supplies (stationery or product)

A healthy check after 6 months is also included to ensure that changes are progressing smoothly.

To get the ball rolling, please see which method best suits you to get in contact.