Use a package below as a base for your organising service – additional hours are $130.

Get Started

This package includes a consultation and organising kick start session for any section or room in a home or storage unit. Perfect for smaller projects, such as a pantry, closet, desk, or to get someone going on a larger project.


This session includes sorting, decluttering, storage solutions, and hands-on-organising.

This 4 hour investment is $540.

Happy Wardrobe

If you’re not feeling inspired by your wardrobe, there’s a tried and true process that’ll get you to a good state. First we’ll clear the whole thing out and consider and classify the items. We’ll then build outfits to make sure that everything going back into your wardrobe makes you feel good, looks good and works with the other items. We’ll then reorganise your wardrobe and make sure that everything fits and flows in the space setting you up for future maintenance success.

This 4 hour investment is $540.

Comfy Car

If you’re like most people, your car is almost like a second home. Show it some love with this session that includes sorting, decluttering, storage solutions, and hands-on-organising.

This 2 hour investment is $250.

Happy House

If you’re craving a clearer mind then getting your space organised is a great step in the right direction. Facilitating your awareness and progress you’ll soon find that the mundane, the ordinary, and the difficult become something magical that enables you to create the life you want.

  • Our Happy House package helps you to:
  • Get your house organised (create a more simplified, more organised, and less cluttered space)
  • Deal with ongoing issues and hot spotspots-716579_640
  • Learn tips and tricks to find meaning and purpose in the every day

What you will get from this service:

  • 32 hours
  • Coaching before your first session, as needed throughout and homework for between sessions
  • Phone and email support in between sessions

The Package investment is $4,050.00, and covers involves, assessment, filing, coaching, and the best and most effective way I can teach you to file.

This is a flexible package determined by the number of rooms or extent of the project.

Ask us about our Gift Vouchers for any of the above services!