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flor&order regularly speaks and conducts workshops for small to large audiences on a broad range of organising topics. Providing practical tips, strategies and ideas to assist the audience to become more organised.


Personalised Organising Session


includes 4 hours of contact time

People often feel stuck and stressed about how to begin the process of organisation. When working side by side with flor&order, seemingly tough decisions will turn into an exploration of what best supports you and your needs. With continued support to tweak new organisational systems, flor&order helps you to develop the skills to manage and reduce associated stress.


Empowered Package

$860 a month x 3 months

includes 24 hours of contact time

Curious about developing the tools to make a lasting impact on your life? With the flor&order Empowered Package, you will build positive habits and empowering emotional skills by exploring mindset. As your team mate I’ll motivate and inspire you while being your helping hand through the entire process.


Transformation Package

$830 a month x 6 months

includes 48 hours of contact time

Ready to implement organising skills in all areas of your life? This package is for you! You’ll develop a greater tendency to plan/think ahead and a willingness to tackle more difficult tasks. You’ll have more momentum, direction and energy to stay consistently organised, to simplify and and systematise your flow. Your home will become your sanctuary, allowing you to dedicate resources and energy to the most important things/people in your life.