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flor&order regularly speaks and conducts workshops for small to large audiences on a broad range of organising topics. Providing practical tips, strategies and ideas to assist the audience to become more organised.


Packages can be tailored to assist in making personal visions a reality and ensuring that getting organised is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Home Program

$440 per week

5 week program

Experiencing kitchen chaos?

Bathroom out of control?

Bedroom not feeling like somewhere you can sleep?

Wardrobe overstuffed?

Can’t find the couches in the living room?

Can’t fit the car in the garage?

The Home Program takes you through each major room in your house over five weeks and works through the frustrations to find the tailored solutions that will work for you. By focusing on wellbeing, this program uses action, awareness and learning to take your house from a frustrating mayhem to a supportive sanctuary. Each week includes a 4 hour session of contact time with a report sent to you after each session recording learnings and tasks completed.

The 7.5 Hour Life Admin Program

$165 per week

5 weeks x 1.5 hour session

Get on top of your personal day-to-day chores and life tasks such as personal banking, making appointments, paying your bills, responding to personal emails. By using a wellbeing focus, we’ll use action, awareness and learning to set your life admin in line with your needs and values. Life admin stops being a frustration and instead becomes the backbone of living your best life.

1. Values and needs exploration

2. Schedule and time management

3. Finances and budgeting

4. All the human things (for example, meal planning and body maintenance)

5. Habits and rituals, wellbeing and happiness

Small Group Organising Sessions

$165 per person

3-7 people - 3 hours

Prefer to learn in a group? This is great activity to share with friends; discuss and learn from each other and enjoy stimulating D&Ms while diving into a variety of life tasks and organising examples to find solutions that work. Options are to move room to room with demonstrations or stay in a group space.