Organising Coaching

Christie is one of two Australian Organisers to Graduate from the Organizer Coach Foundation Training Program via Coach Approach for Organizers, USA.

Through organising coaching you can experience supportive, practical, concrete deep and meaningfuls to empower you with:

  • Motivation and clarity
  • Creativity and problem solving
  • New skills
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Productivity and accountability

Whole House Organising

Working through your home so you will feel happier and in control of your daily life by figuring out the storage solutions that will work for you, ways to utilise your space pots-716579_640efficiently and the adjustments needed to make your systems flow.

Love your spaces more:

  • Wardrobes = declutter, free up space and reassess items.
  • Garages = tackle those ‘one day must…’ piles, designate homes for items and ensure that the car has room.
  • Kitchens = streamline your pantry, get those plastic containers under control and create Masterchef worthy flow.

Workplace Organising

Cleansing your work space to bring happier, less stressful and more productive work days.

Through understanding what does and doesn’t work for you in your current work environment, Florandorder is able to capitalise on the systems that support you in getting your work done.

Achieve more by:

  • Decluttering and adjusting your work environment.
  • Ensuring workspace flow.
  • Implementing the record management systems that work best for you and that support the nature of your work.

Travel Packing Service

Going on a trip? Maybe it’s a weekend away? Maybe it’s a longer trip? Overseas? Cruising?
Backpacking? A mix of work and pleasure?

Thinking ahead isluggage-1662435_640 key. Plan your outfits at home and you will feel more confident, prepared and happier on your trip. Whatever the length trip!

Arranging travel packing assistance two weeks before departure allows for any last minute purchases to be made but a lot can be done in the days leading up to D-Day as well!

Consulting Gift Certificates

Has someone in your life mentioned that they’d like to get organised? Have they lamented that they don’t know how or where to start on a project?

A Consulting Gift Certificate is a wonderful gift that not only shows that you care but will kick start someone’s project.


A session with Flor&order starts from $100 per hour.

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