Do these sabotaging whispers come up for you?

Have you ever had that little nasty voice enter your head and whisper...

“you don’t have the skills to do this!” or “people will laugh at me trying this”.

This little voice is nothing but trouble and is preventing you from moving forward. 

Self-talk is the internal language that a person uses to explain her experiences or behaviour to themselves. It can operate consciously or sub-consciously and it reflects a perspective a person holds. These perspectives can be either positive or negative, useful or debilitating.

The interesting thing about negative self-talk is that it changes our brain chemistry. It does this by increasing the presence of neurotransmitters which inhibit, depress and discourage. Negative self-talk also reinforcing synaptic pathways (mental ruts) which do nothing to help you. And it also undermines motivation, initiative, resourcefulness, creative thinking and performance. This is why our enthusiasm dives when negative self-talk takes hold and we lack the energy to act on our plans. All in all, negative self-talk reinforces our perspectives which predict the same old results.

Uncovering the root of the self-talk can be very useful in getting back on course. Could it be that it’s wanting to keep you in place? To stay ‘safe’ where you are and deny yourself and potentially, the world of your greatness. 

Talk back to that sabotaging voice and remind it of all your accomplishments, skills, and strengths. Above all, remember your value.

Breaking through the self-sabotage talk can help you regain your motivation and drive, so that you keep going to achieve your goals.

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