Ready for hunger at work

Being hungry at work is a horrible situation to find yourself in. For me it leads to producing bad work, taking things way too personally, ruining my budget and eating too many fundraising chocolates.

To make sure that I can stave off hunger at every turn I keep my work draw well stocked and keep a few items in the communal fridge and freezer. This way I manage to avoid having to make a mad dash to purchase something unhealthy to simply see me through the day.

In my work draw I have:

· Uncle Toby’s Oats Quick Sachets (the ones that are ready in 90 seconds)

· Trail Mix

· Brown rice microwavable cups (so easy and delicious)

· Baked beans

· Tins of tuna

· Vegemite

· Peanut butter (I repurpose jam jars to split containers of peanut butter between home and work)

· Vita Weats

· Muesli

· Muesli Bars

· Golden Valley fruit cups (great with muesli)

· Tea and coffee

In the fridge I have yoghurt and cheese slices and I’m a member of the milk club to ensure that milk is always on hand for Oats and hot drinks. I also keep half a loaf of bread and a few meals in take away containers in the freezer.

A perfect week for me is not having to worry about bringing in lunch as ideally I’d already have five meals prepared. However, my stash comes in handy if I need to throw together an easy lunch.

Here is a typical day:

AM: Muesli with yoghurt and a splash of milk

Lunch Options:

A frozen meal;


Brown rice, tuna and nuts (and a teaspoon of vegemite sometimes just to add a little more flavour);


Cheese and tuna sandwich;

PM: Vita Weats and cheese slices.

By thinking ahead and establishing, what some may call, a small pantry at my desk, my colleagues will never have to see my hangry side. And that, I think, is to everyone’s advantage.