Are you ready to stop living a life of unorganised overwhelm?

As my small business owner clients know, you have to wear so many hats in order to keep things progressing, and sometimes we’re just too close to what it is that we do that we may just miss the point. And that’s when we need to get some outside help in to help us get back on track!

I share this with you because 1) what she’s gone ahead and written after getting to know me and my work is really great stuff, and 2) I hope that in showing that I too reach out for help, that you feel you can do the same.

This is from my newly vamped 1:1 Coaching Sales Page

Imagine feeling centred and strong – confident you can handle all-the-things written down on your life and work “to do” lists in a positive and productive way.

For a moment, think about how much happier you would live every day if you weren’t dragged down with the thought of all the half-done and not-even-close-to-being-done *musts* which are waiting for you?

For just a moment, envisage a day where you’re finishing work on time and with a smile on your face because you know you’ve #nailedit and everything is just *flowing*.

Imagine the feeling of achieving something special you’ve had on your goal list for a long time and secretly you thought it was out of your reach (but oh wow, here you are doing it)!

These are the kind of big life moments I help my clients achieve through dedicated work over 6 months in my one-on-one coaching program.

The coaching is designed with a combination of heart-centered time management strategies plus proven goal achievement techniques to banish the overwhelm, increase the fun and see you take control of your life’s journey.

Over the last five years as a Time Trainer and Goal Strategist, I’ve learned that when someone feels overwhelmed in one area of their life (usually work) it can spill into all areas of their life, creating a big-ol-mess.

You can feel out of control and completely adrift from your purpose and passion. When you’re overloaded with these feelings; shame, guilt and fear start to become daily friends and very suddenly your life can be a not-so-fun roller coaster.

If you’re IN this moment right now, you’re not alone.
Many professionals feel this way.
But, there are ways to “do life” differently and take back control.

Sometimes all it takes is a coach *ahem* to guide you through an exciting period of organisation, prioritisation and planning in order for your whole life to change.

It’s why I’m so passionate about coaching – to witness those moments of transformation in my client’s life, is truly an honour. To be a part of someone’s growth and help set them up for big success is just rad!

If I had you at “you can do life differently” then click here to book in your free 30 minute session with me.

How is coaching with me different from coaching with someone else?

All of my coaching methods and modalities are heart-centred; meaning they’re rooted in empathy and flexibility.

No drill sergeant yelling at you to ‘get it all done’, no 5:00am wake up call telling you to move your butt.

Just honest, real and achievable goal setting, time management strategy and success coaching.

Our coaching occurs in time frames and ways that suit you and your life right now. You may want a weekly session, you may want to split that into two weekly sessions. You may need a little more email or message support in between sessions, it’s up to you and we can talk about your requirements on our 30 minute free consult session, which you can book in now via this link. (link to page to set up time).

My method is all about reducing your stress and anxiety at the same time as boosting your productivity and efficiency.

To read more about me, click here.

Here’s what you can expect to happen when we start working together:

  • You’ll start to feel in control of your life [the small things and the big goals].
  • You will let go of that tight feeling in your gut thinking you’re stuffing something up or forgetting something [because you’ll start to feel on top of it all].
  • You’ll finally feel more confident and competent, letting go of that imposter syndrome.
  • You’ll put together a system of clearing the mental clutter that gets in your way so you can get on with your day.
  • You will rest easy at the end of each week knowing you’ve been productive
    and efficient [so there’s no need for the Sunday night dread to creep in].
  • You’ll feel strategic, aligned with your goals and on track to achieving your plans for this year.
  • You’ll have an expert on your team, coaching you to working the best way you can [and cheering you on].
  • You may even *gasp* start to have fun!

Hear from some past and current clients share their experiences of working with me.

So there you have it! My newly vamped page that clearly spells out that whether you’re struggling to find balance in your work and life, are unclear on how to achieve your big goals or you really need a big push in your systems and processes to get to the next level of productivity, I can help. If you’re interested in chatting to me, book in for your free 30 minute session and let’s get started.

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Talk soon,

Ps: And if you’re needing a fabulous copywriter, let me know! I’ll get you in touch with Sarah!

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