Wardrobe Organising


Professional Wardrobe Organiser

flor&order can focus on Wardrobe Organising as part of the Home Organising Program

Your wardrobe is one of the best places to start flexing your organising muscles. Getting dressed is something we do everyday, even if it’s just to change pj sets! By getting your organising foundations in place by sorting out your wardrobe, and practicing your skill set, other areas quickly seem manageable. It’s in the wardrobe that we can really master sorting, decluttering, and decision making as well as observing what habits and difficulties may be tripping us up.

Organising your wardrobe and paring it back, is also a great way to simplify the stress of everyday modern life. It’s said the average person makes 35,000 decisions every day. That’s so tiring! So imagine how you would feel walking up to your wardrobe and being able to see everything clearly, knowing where everything is and not having to search for that winning combination but easily selecting your outfit for the day, looking great and feeling good because everything has a home and the space stays tidy. Imagine being in love with everything in your wardrobe, loving the way your clothes fit and how you feel moving around in them as you get on with living your life.

If we keep peeling back the benefits on organising wardrobes it’s easy to see that money and time are saved.

Through organising their wardrobe, I’ve seen clients save money because their spending habits have been curbed, they no longer buy duplicate or very similar items, and as items are in higher rotation, they are used more and every cent is squeezed out of a purchase. Having your items organised, makes it easier to identify the holes in your wardrobe, so you spend your clothing budget

  • Have you experienced getting an outfit together, feeling rushed and stressed, and then noticing that a button is missing or that it really needs an iron, so you have to start again? Here’s where those hidden time benefits come up. By being across what’s in your wardrobe and the state of care that each piece is in, there’s opportunity to plan ahead on maintenance which means that you’re never left high and dry.
  • Saving time is not limited to the mornings either, but special events are easier to plan for because knowing what’s in your collection helps with outfit selection and planning ahead of time rather than on the night.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing how good clients feels when they’ve accomplished organising their wardrobe. The happiness on their face is a delight. We’ve stood side by side and gazed at our handy work, admiring the tidiness and the calm that the outcome radiates. It’s a wonderful feeling and visually pleasing to the eye to say the least.

So whether your closet is small and hard to keep organised or your closet is big and you don’t use half of what you have stuffed in there; professional wardrobe organiser, flor&order, can help get you feeling good.