Packing for a Weekend Away

I went to Sydney the other weekend. Even for such a short trip I find it’s worth taking the time to try on each intended outfit before you set off.

Before getting into this habit I would continuously feel frumpy and unstylish while away. The effect of this on my getaway was that I wouldn’t feel quite myself and I was constantly wishing that everyone knew that I wasn’t like this at home. At one point I felt that the solution could be to have a huge sign follow me around that read ‘I’m travelling! Not feeling quite prepared! Don’t usually look like this…”

However, that’s not the route that I have gone down. The packing advice given by Lauren Conrad in her book ‘Style’ sums up how I approach my travel outfit planning: “Dressing stylishly while on the road involves creating outfits from a small array of pieces – accessorizing and styling tricks then come into play to make the pieces different.”

So really it all comes down to bringing a few key pieces to create the illusion of an entire wardrobe. As much as I’d love to wear specific outfits while away if those outfits can’t easily mix and create other outfits with the others, then it stays home. Putting the time aside and trying the outfits on ahead of time is the key here.

The process of packing for Sydney started a few days before my departure. I asked myself, what do I have on? What outfits do I need to construct? And came up with

-a night time outfit (and a twist in case a follow up night out occurred)

-a family day event outfit

-travel outfit for there and back


I also started making note of products and items that I was reaching for in the lead up to the trip. Usually, if I’m able to pack my toiletries on the day, I’ll pack as I get ready that morning and think about the day before as well (the lyrics “your hair never falls in quite the same way” comes to mind). I packed my hair straightener rather than my VS Curl Secret as the straightener is multipurpose – same concept as outfits really. If I have to choose between something that can do two things over one thing, the multipurpose item wins every time.

And this is what it looked like in my carry on when all packed up:

If you’re wondering what those blue cubes are… those are Space Cubes by Eagle Creek. They have changed my life. Quite literally. They make travel much more streamlined and my suitcase feels constantly in order. Here I’m using a little one for undies and pjs and then a larger double sided one for outfits which I’ve separated by pants and the tops that go with them.

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