Organising home life: Sharing the domestic and emotional load at home

In recent months, I have had the opportunity to work with a growing number of couples to increase their efficiency at home, which I absolutely love to do!

The sessions have been about clarifying how to reprioritise their time, reconnecting with values and needs, organising personal affairs and life admin, and upping self-care and fun as individuals and as a couple.

Regular meetings

Arguably one of the most important elements in ensuring that all these discussions don’t go to waste is implementing a regular couple’s meeting. A couple’s meeting (or a partner meeting or a marriage meeting – whatever you want to call it really) is where partners generally meet on a weekly basis to discuss issues and other logistics in their marriage and family.

Benefits and Agenda

What are the benefits?

  • There’s a set time to deal with the planning and logistics that happen within the family
  • It protects friendship, fun, and support time by having a set time to do the ‘nitty gritty’
  • It takes some of the day-to-day pressure off of the marriage because everyone’s on the same page
  • It helps partners show appreciation for one another


The idea is that each meeting will run to an agenda. Each partnership’s agenda is a little different but the basics covered include:

  • Chores
  • Logistics for the week ahead
  • Finances
  • Date night
  • Project planning check-in

Eliminate Overwhelm

I usually find that the process of setting up the couple’s meeting routine and implementing the task management system unearths a whole range of things between couples. I never take sides in these conversations. I work calmly, fairly, and professionally with the couple to find solutions that work for everyone.

My goal, as a holistic time trainer, is for everyone to be able to participate in finessing the rhythm of their household. At the end of the day, it’s so wonderful to see couples come together to rebalance their household based on their needs and their shared vision. Personally, I’m just so excited about this work going forwards as a way of further eliminating overwhelm in our busy society.

If you think a couple’s meeting might be just what your partnership and household needs, reach out! Let’s have a discussion about how to work together.

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