Monthly Goal Setting Hour


Feeling stuck?

Are you drowning in tasks and overwhelmed by 'getting through' all the things on the to-do list and afraid of all the other things that haven't even made it to the list yet?

You feel like you can’t stop even for a minute because there’s so much to do. And at the end of the week, you’re spent – exhausted and emotionally drained, not knowing how you’ll muster the energy to do it all again next week.

The demands to “have-it-all” “be-it-all” “hustle-grind-sleep-wake-repeat” and “just-keep-going” are unrealistic in the long term and before too long, either your body, your mind, your work or relationships will feel the burn of you trying to keep up.

There’s an easier way to “do life”.

And it starts with your relationship with TIME.

We all have 1440 minutes every day to consume. And consume we must because time? well, she doesn’t stop for anyone.

World Leaders, Stay at Home Mums, Celebrities, and Office Workers – it doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do, no one has more or less than anyone else.

Isn’t that cool? Time is one of the few commodities you can’t buy “more” of.

However, you can learn to master your relationship with time and the way in which you interact, perceive and use time.

It’s the strategies around time management that do separate the successful from the struggling.

The simple and effective ways in which you can gain more from your time whilst learning how to approach your relationship with time in a more holistic, calm and measured way could be the key to a happier, less stressed and more fulfilled life.

That’s what my experience with time has taught me and the power of these strategies is what led me to become a Time Trainer and Goal Strategist.

Hi! I’m Christie. Owner of florandorder and your Coach. My mission is to help you live your most centred, productive and efficient life. Fuelled by confidence, calm and fun. You can find inner stillness and continue to do all-the-things.

Working with me will help you to banish the overwhelm and reconnect with your purpose.

Presenting: The 'Monthly Goal Setting Hour' (MGSH)

A powerful community group designed to help you feel productive and purposeful. 

In bite-sized chunks, develop the basic skills to get out from under the pile of never-ending to-do’s that you know you’re going to push to the side.

This is your chance to change how you work with, use and manage your time so that your life can feel easier, lighter and more aligned with your purpose.

The MGSH is a supportive framework that will help you peel back the layers on the technical elements of how to approach tasks, to-do’s and projects and give you the insight on what your life could be like, once you shift your relationship and response to time. 

The best thing is that you have an expert with you to guide and teach along the way in a calm and fun space.

Gaining the most value from your time is not necessarily about using 100 strategies. 

It’s about using a few tested tools and methods very well, in the context of your individual circumstances and capabilities. 

Our discussions during MGSH will assist in giving you clarity here.

With the MGSH we make the fuzzy time management principles practical and simple.

Since its inception, the MGSH has helped participants:

Each month uncovers a gold mine of information and insight that you can apply directly to your every day:

As a member of the MGSH community, you will develop the skills to help you achieve your goals, you’ll learn skills and systems to support those goals, and you’ll have that all-important accountability factor to keep you motivated.

Sound good? Let’s do it!

Your Monthly Goal Setting Hour run sheet looks like this:

We meet 10 times a year – from February to November on the last Thursday of the month at 11:30 am (Melbourne time). Every event is recorded and you get a copy! Whether you were able to make it live or not.

We keep the group for MGSH small. So don’t worry, you won’t be on a zoom with hundreds of people.

You’ll be able to learn with and from your fellow MGSH students. Christie leads the call so there is no awkwardness and no pressure to share if you don’t want to.

You’ll have access to worksheets and tools that take some of the guesswork out of figuring out your next move. You’ll also be able to brainstorm and ask me any questions that come to mind.


Your first time is *free* and then it’s $25 a month after that.

Cancel anytime (it’s a bit like Netflix).

2022 Dates
(last Thursday of every month February to November)
February 24
March 24
April 28
May 26
June 30
July 28
August 25
September 29
October 27
November 24

Hear from some past and current participants’ experiences of MGSH:

That was life changing! I’ve never had that concept broken down so easily before.
I need a mechanism to catch myself to stop procrastinating and get things done, and that's what the MGSH is for me
I feel less rushed about life!
I had so many “ah-ha” moments throughout the hour! Thanks so much for running it - I really enjoyed it!
The first part gives me an overview. And the second part tells me how people are actually doing it. It helps me to see other people putting the stuff in motion so I can too.
Great event! Good know that we can actually manage our time better by taking a step back and see the bigger picture. Really grateful for the practical tips as well.

Not sure whether MGSH is the right choice for you?

No worries! Grab your free trial and give it a go. If it doesn’t tickle your fancy, simply cancel your subscription.

But if you’d classify yourself as a young or middle-aged professional type and right now you really need to wrangle more out of your precious hours then MGSH is PERFECT for you.

OR if you’re looking to reinvent your relationship with time and you’re ready to shift the way you feel, manage and interact with time, your to-do list and all the “life” things in an evenly paced and non-overwhelming way, then MGSH is PERFECT for you.

Whether you’re struggling to find balance in your work and life, are unclear on how to achieve your big goals or you really need a big push in your systems and processes to get to the next level of productivity, I can help. If you don’t feel as though the MGSH would be enough for you then maybe you want one-on-one coaching? You can find more information here and you can always take advantage of my free 30-minute session to see whether you’d like to pursue coaching with me. It’s obligation-free and yes, completely money free too!