How to ensure you don’t miss out on your happiness

Time is a non-renewable resource.

There’ll always be things to do and always not ‘enough’ time to do it in. A favourite quote of mine is from William Feather, he said “plenty of people miss their share of happiness. Not because they never found it – but because they didn’t stop and enjoy it”. For a lot of people, life is filled with schedules, appointments, endless to-do lists, and rushing here and there. There’s a name for this… the “rat race”.

Key words

But there is a key word that can help you return to inner peace and happiness. The word is “STOP”. And I’ll also throw in a bonus “REFLECT”. Sometimes we have to STOP and REFLECT physically as well as emotionally.

I find that oftentimes my clients are in need of me reminding them that they have a choice on how they spend their time. Giving them permission to actually stop the wheel they’ve been running on and taking a well deserved deep breath and break from it all. Sady, life doesn’t wait for anyone. We have to make time for life and live it. Respecting our time, being kind to ourselves, and making our needs a priority are key to not missing our happiness.

Look around

There’ll always be things to do. It’s understandable to become overrun by the messaging around us that we should always be going faster, doing more, being more productive. Basically, the message is no time wasting allowed! Instead of trying to get things ‘forever done’, what if we leaned into ‘what’s being done, right now is good enough’? I think what this does is help ease the fear of wasting time and allows us to show up and enjoy instead.

For each person contentment may mean something completely different. What’s important is that you pause, interrupt what you are doing for a moment, and see how it’s there for you. Step out of the “rat race” mentality by giving yourself a moment to STOP and REFLECT and look around, take a look at the joys in your life right now.

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If you’re looking for gentle yet effective ways to manage your time and to-do lists, plus jump out of the “rat race” and banish your overwhelm to live your life in a more holistic, intentional and positive way, then please book in a call with me here.

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