How this client’s life was changed with Time Training

Do you feel overwhelmed a lot of the time?

Not sure how to unpick the knot of to-dos and want-tos?

I have a story to share that might resonate. I began working with a client who wanted to achieve their goal of managing their personal admin more efficiently as they were constantly behind and feeling scattered.

Awareness, Learning, and Action

One of their biggest challenges was that as a busy professional woman, she was commuting a large distance to work and back every day. The first step was to untangle the effects that this commute was having across her broad life categories. What was revealed was that the impact rippled out into many areas of her life. Her eating habits, her abandoned exercise routine, unable to commit to socialising or if she did attend it was at a low energy, her out of whack sleep cycles, and her finances.

The first thing to establish was to get clear on what her actual goals and baseline happiness were for each life category. Clarity around this gave us a foundation to build an ideal schedule that was flexible enough to accommodate the commute and also honoured her life goals. 

Through supporting my client in building her time management skills, over time my client changed her life. She was able to plan and think ahead, find new systems to simplify her life, and she became more relaxed and able to dedicate more time to the most important things and people in her life.

Time Training offered her the opportunity for awareness, learning, and action to come together to transform my client’s way of being. She went from feeling stretched for time, unsure if she should stay in her job, feeling disconnected from her family and friends and herself. To then being in control of her time and sure in herself. In a nutshell, she went from time-poor to time-fit.

Invest in yourself

Most people admit that they could be more organised, that they could use their time more efficiently, and they wish that they had more time. It’s often hard to explain to people who have never experienced coaching of some sort as to the benefits and tangible outcomes. It becomes trickier because each client walks away with such a different experience. So I hope the story I’ve shared has illuminated what it looks like on the other side of having invested in Time Training.

If your curiosity has been piqued, get in touch, I would love to have a deeper conversation with you.

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