Let’s organise… cleaning!

This may come as a surprise but although I am passionate about organising and am naturally inclined towards being organised, I am not this way when it comes to cleaning.

‘Cleaning’ as I see it is, and as Dictionary.com sees it, is being free from dirt; unsoiled; unstained. Rather than ‘organised’ which is to systematise something… okay, everything.

It doesn’t bother me to put off vacuuming for another few days or wait till inspiration hits to deep clean the bathroom and instead just clean a little as I go here and there. I came to the realisation a little while ago that I am very good at putting these things off because I lacked a fool proof method. In effect I needed to organise how I approached cleaning.

And then there was that time that I turned to YouTube. I’m not sure what my first cleaning search was about but it has quickly led me to immediately turn to the YouTube channel Clean My Space, whenever I have a query. Clean My Space has helped me wrap my head around ways of systematising cleaning which has greatly increased my inclination to keep on top of said cleaning.

How do I clean a bathroom with method? Clean My Space

How do I clean a kitchen with method? Clean My Space

How do I clean oven racks? Clean My Space (*2020 update – this article from Happy DIY Home is great if you want photos and instructions rather than video)

What should I keep in my cleaning kit? Clean My Space

How do I clean my laptop? Clean My Space

How do I vacuum properly? Clean My Space

How do I clean my washing machine? Clean My Space

How do I tell if a pillow is past its use by date? Clean My Space

How do I clean blinds? Clean My Space

How do I fold a fitted sheet? Clean My Space

Clean My Space always seems to have the answer.

Not only are there answers though, it’s also entertaining. I find that Melissa Maker, founder of Clean My Space, presents her videos in an amusing and straight forward way that somehow just makes every task seem manageable.

It’s bite sized cleaning for your convenience and letting out a ‘Doh!’ when you realise just how simple things can be, is totally okay. Totally.