“I can make it work…” is a dangerous phrase

Slade, you deep mustard cardigan with 3/4 sleeves, meet my readers. Readers meet Slade.

I fell in love with Slade in March 2016, it was the colour that did it for me but like a romance doomed to fail from the beginning – dear Slade is up for donation in November 2016.

I should have known really. I was standing in front of the store mirror – admiring the colour – and rather than feeling completely awesome, I kept thinking ‘I can make this work… yep, I can make this work, with this kind of top… maybe that dress…. it won’t look soooo… textured?’

So I bought dear Slade, and we had a few nice times but it just never felt right and after a particularly daggy feeling day together, I broke it off. Enough is enough. I added ‘mustard’ as a keyword to my clothing shopping list and then popped Slade in the donation bag.

Lesson learnt – ‘I can make it work’ is a dangerous phrase of mine and I’ll try and resist it in the future. I’ll dig a bit deeper and see what it is that I do like about an item and instead of trying to make it work I’ll wait until the best option comes my way.

Does this line of thinking sound familiar? What’s your tell tale signal to yourself that you’re not making the best purchase that you could?