Proactive about forgetting saves the day

Proactive measures

Have you ever forgotten something and kicked yourself over it? Well, that’s being human. Rather  than letting insults run through your head, look for a healthier perspective. Instead of feeling as though you’ve failed completely with no return, observe your patterns and tweak for better results. Changing and adapting to situations when new information becomes available, is in fact, being organised and efficient. You’re creating proactive measures for future you.

The same goes for forgetting things. Being efficient is not about never forgetting anything ever again but being able to do something about it quickly when you do.

Case in point, I recently avoided an annoying situation that would have wasted my time because I choose to operate in a proactive way. I’d had one of those mornings where it seems everything that goes wrong, did. So I found myself rushing to make a doctor’s appointment. Rushing makes me feel anxious so I was already not in a great frame of mind. I lined up before the Reception desk to check-in for the appointment and realised that I had forgot my Medicare card! The blood drained from my face and I worried about how I’d fit this appointment in later in the week.

Luckily I recalled that I had a photo of my Medicare card saved on my phone in Evernote. In the span of 60 seconds I went from saying “Doh!” to “Ah! I’m okay!” Disaster averted! The Receptionist took my number down from the photo and I felt SO HAPPY about my proactive ways.

And how did I know to have that number listed elsewhere? Yep! Because I’d forgotten before. I took proactive measures to not be caught out in the future.

Live and learn is the phrase, not live and beat yourself up! So my question is what’s something you can do to help your future self?