Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Organising Coach?
An Organising Coach uses the principles of coaching to tackle organising challenges. Utilizing coaching techniques ensure that clients are supported and encouraged to explore what systems and organising principles better align with their underlying, often partially unconscious needs. By tackling challenges in this more in-depth way clients learn to engage with their motivations, emboldening them to experiment with perspectives, and to test actions and strategies and tweak all whenever necessary.
Where in the world do you work?
For hands on organising work Flor&order is based in Melbourne, Australia, and works in many areas of the region. Flor&order also takes advanced bookings for Canberra, Australia.

For organising coaching work Flor&order works with clients around the world.

What do I get from working with you?
By providing organising solutions, ideas and information, Flor&order’s aim is that long after the experience, that you remain organised and feel confident to make organising changes when the next arise. Through organising you’ll feel more efficient, happier and you’ll be able to appreciate your space and possessions once again.

Do I need to be present?
Yes, Flor&order works one on one with clients as it’s essential that you are part of the decision making process. If you’re worried about allowing others into your space, please be assured that we respect that everyone’s situation is different and pride ourselves on providing a professional, sensitive and compassionate organising service.

How do I work out what to keep?
Such decisions will become clearer as you begin working with a Flor&order. Taking the time to visually assess your situation during the first session and then working together on a project plan will guide you towards deciding what to keep. At the end of the day the decision is yours, Flor&order just wants you to feel empowered and comfortable.

How do I pay?
Payment is required in full on the day by cash or direct deposit and a receipt will be provided. No discounts are provided for cash as all transactions are conducted in line with the Australian Taxation Office requirements. If legal assistance is required to cover debt collection, all charges will be added to the account.

How much do you charge?

Please see our services page for how we may help.

How long will it take for me to get organised?
Every project is different and the size of your space, the amount of items that you have and how quickly you are able to make decisions will all impact on the duration.
What happens if I need to cancel or re-schedule?
That’s okay! It happens – any cancellations within 10 days of session booking date will incur a 50% of session fee charge. Any cancellations within 24 hours of booking date will incur a 100% session fee charge. In some circumstances we may be able to reschedule without charge, but this will at Flor&order’s discretion.

Feel free to shoot through any other burning questions you may have!