Exercise: Why I prefer paper towels over tissues

allergy-18656_1920My nose runs throughout the year, it’s constantly a problem for me – it’ll even run if toothpaste is too minty. So it’s no surprise that during exercise, my nose runs more than I do.


My over-active nose has taught me that when exercising, there is nothing better than a piece of paper towel. They make for a sturdier ’tissue’ than the classic 3 ply Kleenex variety because quite simply, sweat destroys tissues. It turns them into crumbling useless blobs that will not give you or your nose any relief when you are running laps and pushing it up. I’ve found that a napkin holds its integrity regardless of how many times its pulled hurriedly out of pockets or stuffed down a sports bra.

On a final note, a paper towel may start out a touch stiff and a little hard on the skin but by the end of a session, as gross as it sounds, it’s softened up and is quite comfortable. Trust me on this, I’m practically an Olympic (nose) runner.