Is it time to detox? Let your storage containers decide!

Detox, detox, detox! Storage containers can help.

When I say detox here, I don’t mean drink lemon water and limes. I’m talking about organizing!

We all love a good storage container, they keep things tidy and in their place. They can also be an ally in keeping clutter at bay.

Use containers to keep track of when it’s time to detox. They help you keep ahead of clutter buildups without overthinking.

Impose a rule that once a storage container becomes full, it will trigger you into action.

This can work on many levels. From the daily, like a basket to take things upstairs or down stairs, to the monthly, like a tray for collecting magazines. You can have a tub for donations and a small basket for free cosmetic samples, (think: if you haven’t used them yet, will you ever?).

When you notice that a container has become full, make the time to go through it and declutter. Rinse and repeat!

Use the storage container walls as a barrier that you can’t push through.

Is this something you already do? If not, what storage container can you get on side to keep track of your clutter for you?

There’s a whole variety of storage containers, sometimes you need to try a few to see what works for you and your space.

Do you feel that your space is overwhelming and you have so many storage containers just placed everywhere. Sometimes we end up with so many that they become pieces of furniture! Let’s have a chat about your space and it get sorted.