Life admin with Bridget

When I started coaching sessions with Christie at the beginning of the year, my goal was to ‘manage my personal admin more efficiently’. At the end of six coaching sessions, I have achieved much more than that.

I can summarise my experience as delivering six key benefits (although there are probably more).

  1. I have a greater tendency to plan/think ahead and a willingness to tackle more difficult tasks that I would have neglected previously (particularly during Winter).
  2. I have more momentum, direction and energy to be organised and find new areas of my life I can simplify and systematise.
  3. I am able to save money by being more prepared (in more ways than I could have anticipated).
  4. I am able to eat better by being more organised, which translates into more energy – this outcome was also unexpected.
  5. My house is easy to keep tidy because everything has a place and I am a lot more disciplined in keeping it that way.
  6. When my life admin is streamlined and part of a routine, I am more efficient and have more time. As a consequence I’m more relaxed and able to dedicate more time to the most important things/people in my life.

I would recommend Christie’s coaching sessions to anyone who feels weighed down by their ‘to-do’ list, wants their house to look like a vogue magazine, or just requires some simple tips to balance their priorities more effectively.

Resourceful with Liz C.

Christie single-handedly changed my life!

With her resourcefulness and can-do attitude I was amazed with how we were able to make things suit my needs and to work for me.

I feel much more confident to change things to work for me after having worked with her.

Lightbulb with Stu

Christie is the reason that I don’t forget my work pass anymore. By asking one question “What’s something you never forget?” she made lightbulbs go off in my head and I realised that I needed a card holder attached to my phone! From that day on I’ve never forgotten my work pass, my day flows better and I feel more respected by my boss and colleagues.

Motivation with Andy

Excellent service; Christie was wonderful and got us motivated to getting our storage area sorted.

Great value too. Thanks Christie.

Personal Organisation with Duy

Christie has given me so many valuable advice in the areas of personal organisation and time management. One of the most memorable advice I received from Christie was “everything has to have a home” and to date that has helped me a lot. From remembering where my keys and my wallets are in the morning to putting paperwork/clothing/”you name it” … in the right places.

I undertook one of flor&order’s time management classes and I’ve learned to better organise my priorities so I can be on time to attend the important things in my daily life. I went from always late to be regularly on time, ~80% and improving! I highly recommend anyone who’s looking to improve their organisation (therefore enjoying the more important things in life) to start now and give it a go.

Goal setting with Ruth

I am a mum who runs my own business and I was really struggling to keep on top of the juggle. I was writing notes on scraps of paper, running multiple notebooks for different tasks and feeling completely scattered. I was also wasting precious time trying to find importation information and remember where everything was. After just a few hours with Christie, I already feel so much more in control of my to-do list.

We have set up a really simple system for getting all my thoughts down, then transferring to short, medium and long-term goals. It feels completely achievable and SO much easier than what I was doing.

Christie even sat patiently beside me and helped me engage with some technology I have been avoiding, which is going to be an enormous benefit to my work practices. I cannot believe how much we got done in such a short time.

If you are feeling inefficient and out of control, I cannot recommend Christie enough to help get you back on track. And she is a lovely person to boot. You won’t regret it.

Calendering with Angela

I wanted to remember more of what I’ve done and experienced over the past months and Christie introduced to me calendering. It’s the idea of using a calendar as a collection point for mementos. I adopted it immediately and it has definitely improved my memory.

I recall places I’ve eaten at and the yummy food I ate there now, the movies I’ve seen and loved, and the races I’ve had so much fun participating in. This is working for me and I look forward to adding stuff to my calendar – even my partner reminds me to grab something to put on my calendar!

Tools with Craig

Christie Flora is an incredible asset, whose insights and experience in organizing is phenomenally well suited to helping people reach their own goals.

She provides a variety of approaches and mental tools aimed at helping her clients start, plan, craft and finish.

I can’t recommend her enough to anyone currently stuck or treading water on a goal or project. She has certainly been of great help to me, I only wish I could have had her help sooner.

Thank You Christie!

Chaos + Order with Richard

I asked Christie to help me get some kind of order out of the seeming chaos that was my office. A tough task I thought however, she helped me tackle the task with ease.

She helped and guided me through the process from start to finish – including re-orientating my desk which has transformed my working space beyond belief. I feel heaps more organised now and it’s great that everything has its place now.

I find I work more efficiently and effectively and my staff all love the new setup. I cannot thank Christie enough and would (and have) highly recommend her to everyone.