Which key productivity question aren’t you asking yourself?

Life is full of many things to do. And we all have 168 hours a week, four weeks a month, 12 months a year, in which to fit it all in. So when a new task or opportunity comes up, I recommend that my clients ask themselves the following questions: Which of my big-picture goals […]

Calendar Booking Etiquette

Confession time! I find the process of booking meetings or arranging when someone should call me, stressful. I did as an Executive Assistant and I still do running my own business! For that reason, I like to have processes in place that minimise stress at any opportunity. Here are some of my processes that NOW […]

How to prioritise where to spend your money

This blog post was prompted by a question a fellow small business owner asked me during a virtual coffee. I wanted to write up the transcript of our call because it is so relevant to anyone seeking to engage hired support in their life. I don’t often write about money in relation to time management […]

How simple can you make it

Sometimes when working on projects or ongoing tasks, we can lose track of where we are up to. I find that this happens with clients and for myself as well. When we’re plugging away at something, we need to look up every so often to remember where we’re heading and what the point of it […]

Is your sleep helping your productivity?

Self-care, rest, and sleep are the unsung heroes of productivity. Often these three basic human needs are brushed aside in our fast paced world because they don’t correlate directly to output.  And because their connection to our productivity is not very obvious, they are the first things to go when someone finds that they have […]

Getting things done does not mean doing it all today

I’ve been getting into Crystal Art since the start of Melbourne’s last lockdown. It’s similar to paint by numbers but instead of paint, you apply small crystals to a sticky board. I’ve found it very therapeutic and relaxing over the last few months. The other day I spilled one of the crystal packets all over […]

How to get back the sparkle in your life with more balance

I’m often asked about work/life balance and how to get more of it in our busy lives. And it’s no wonder that this is a hot topic. Often when we’re feeling out of balance it can cause a lot of undue stress and overwhelm. Plus life lacks that sparkle that makes all the gruelling annoying […]

To learn or download and never touch again?

I coached a client recently who was needing to declutter their Google Drive. The disorganisation and digital clutter was wrecking her headspace and making her feel out of control.  Interestingly, once we sorted it all out and had a look at what was in her collection of files, what became increasingly obvious was that she […]