Using your energy levels to plan your day

I had a thought the other day while speaking with a client who had been pushing themselves too much: “We can’t leave our body behind while we work.” Rest needed This client had not had a good night’s sleep in a week and was suffering from headaches regularly, but “the work had to get done”, […]

Making use of pockets of time that might be going by unnoticed

Question… Your doctor is running late for your appointment. What do you do in the waiting room? Work on something I was supposed to finish before I came. Read a trashy magazine. Isn’t that what waiting rooms are for? Review and update the few items on my to-do list. Then go back to my novel. […]

Change is as good as a holiday – reclaiming attention

I’ve recently moved homes and let me tell you, my energy and therefore my productivity has increased immensely. Working from home is a tricky thing. I’d say that I was comfortable at my old place but it was a better apartment than an office. Located in the Melbourne CBD, overshadowed by taller buildings it was […]

The Art and Science of Determining Priorities

Our choices dictate what we spend our time on and what we do and don’t have space for in our lives. So how do we make sure that everything we say yes to is of value to us and the vision that we have of our life? Reactive vs Proactive By prioritising! Priorities are the […]

How to stop scrolling on social media

Procrastination is one of the biggest concerns I hear from clients. And scrolling on Facebook or Instagram is one of the most cited culprits these days. I’m not immune to finding myself caught in a scroll cycle either but here are some of my methods for pulling myself out: Methods 1. I give myself two […]

Organising home life: Sharing the domestic and emotional load at home

In recent months, I have had the opportunity to work with a growing number of couples to increase their efficiency at home, which I absolutely love to do! The sessions have been about clarifying how to reprioritise their time, reconnecting with values and needs, organising personal affairs and life admin, and upping self-care and fun […]

The basics of project planning

I love hearing about my clients’ big ideas and the projects that they’ve decided to spend time on. The hugeness of a project is often what trips them up though. It’s what kills the motivation and spirit that first brought the project to life. This is often where I will say ‘chunk it down’ to […]