Case study: Why this client was glad she made the effort

This case study takes us back to 2017 when I first worked with a client to organise her bedroom. Living in a share house, her bedroom was her place of retreat, as well as the place that all her possessions had to be stored in. Throw in a double bed and like any room, suddenly it can feel cramped. Breaking the room into sections and looking at each and every item ensured that we only organised what she loved and needed. This instantly gave us more room to play with and energetically lightened the room.

Through the process we found items that my client thought she’d lost long ago but no longer needed (in fact she was surprised that they were still in her room). We also had a few in depth coaching moments where we uncovered why she was holding on to some old university text books and papers and some artworks that made her sad. After these discussions she was able to give these items up, which not only allows for more space but also moves heavy energy out of the home. Often simply telling a story about an item helps people release them and move on; sometimes however a coaching moment is what is needed to assist in the process of going beneath the surface.

Once we were left with only what she loved, we set about rejigging the room so that it felt more spacious and had a relaxing feel to it. This worked a treat, items were more accessible and the flow of the room had a logical flow to it. My client was also really surprised with how different she felt in her space.

Fast forward a year later and I was hired again by my client to help her with scheduling and time management. At the same time as we began working on these topics, she had to seek out a new share house and move. By the time we’d met again, for our second session on scheduling, she’d moved house and was feeling good. Unlike previous moves, she observed that she wasn’t exhausted and the whole thing had gone quite smoothly. She couldn’t believe that the work we’d done in her room a year before had had such long term benefits. My client gave me the biggest hug and thanked me profusely for helping her develop her organising muscles. I love hugs, but hugs when they are in relation to people’s organisational happiness are the best sort!

It didn’t surprise me that my client would benefit from her hard work a year later. Getting organised is life changing. Yes, it’s not something you can do once and be done with, it has to be maintained, but once you put in the effort, you start seeing benefits across, and throughout your life.

Here are the testimonials that my client left on flor&order’s Google, Instagram and Facebook pages:

Testimonial one 2017: Christie Flora, organising coach, from @florandorder spent 4 hours with me this afternoon organising, repurposing and decluttering my room. The result was a sudden abundance of room and a newly clear headspace. My favourite part was repurposing an old mirror frame into a scarf holder… and also an old CD case for my shoes. So cool! 🤗

Testimonial two 2018: What else can I say other than… WOW! I first met with Christie to organise, repurpose and declutter my room. A year later I was still following my new easy to use and maintain room, when I had to move house it took out the stress completely! I packed everything in order and unpacked into the new home without any hitches. I was able to use the skills I learned from Christie and use them to make my new room just as functional. Not only has it made my move easy, but more sessions with Christie means that I am now more on top of my calendar and scheduling in time to exercise! The organising ‘tool-kit’ Christie has helped me grow has been invaluable. Thank you Christie x

Helping people start and maintain their organising muscles and tool-kit is something that flor&order does best. Book a call to get started on yours.