All that junk inside that…drawer!

Tips for organising a drawer

Do you have a dumping ground that just so happens to be a drawer? Do you remember what’s in it? Have you seen the bottom of that drawer recently? If you answered YES, NO, NO to the above questions it may be time to give the following steps a go and start organising a drawer today.

Firstly, lets rename it. Words are powerful and labelling something, a junk drawer will attract just that – junk! So, lets take a step back and think about what you want for the space.

Once you’ve had a think about that and decided on a theme for the drawer, pull everything out. EVERYTHING. Give it a wipe down, give it a thorough clean – go on! It deserves it!

Pull a garbage can close so you can toss out very obvious things. Put aside things that need to be housed elsewhere and make a pile of the things that will return to the drawer now that it has a fresh purpose.

Once finished, start placing things back into their newly vamped home. Use containers (takeaway food containers are great, as are jars) to keep things orderly and then voila! Your new drawer has purpose and I predict, will no longer hurt your eyes. Junk no more!

Now that you’ve successfully completed an overhaul of this space, there’s no reason why the same principles can’t be applied to other organising projects that you may have been wanting to tackle. Successes keep you going – so keep this one in mind and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back!

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