Let’s think of… nothing

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florandorder started off as a professional organiser for home and businesses

But recently there’s been a new direction.


In 2019, I went on a trip.

And let me tell you, I’ve had some breakthroughs.

I’ve been inspired by organisers who target their strengths and demonstrate that they are experts in dealing with photos, wardrobes, pantries, hoarding, busy mums, ADHD… the list goes on.

And one of my breakthroughs was about what florandorder is and where it’s going. It was about how I want to connect with those who need my help to sort out the overwhelming elements of life, business, and career. And it all came down to three words: Productivity and Time Management.

florandorder started as a hobby blog four years ago, talking about organising and life in general. It’s since blossomed into something so exciting and rewarding. A full-time business as a professional organiser, with me as the founder. What an achievement! And while I knew I was in the right industry, and as much as I love being welcomed into people’s homes to help them sort, I felt that there was something missing. That there was a piece amongst it all that was my true passion but I couldn’t quite grasp it. And then I went on holidays.

The trip was excellent, and adventures were had (seriously, ask me about the three desserts my sister and I shared instead of dinner at a little diner in rural Kentucky as an acoustic guitar drifted in the background, amazing!). But when I returned to Melbourne, I had the worst post-holiday blues I’d ever experienced. I felt lost and turned around, a bit empty if I’m going to be honest. I still loved my client work but I wasn’t sure where everything was going. What was I marketing myself as? What was I wanting to do in the future?

Call it a sign, but when an email landed in my inbox, something just clicked. It was from a business coach whom I’d connected with a year earlier and the timing could not have been better. I knew back then that I’d work with her one day, and now the time was right. With her, I explored the home and business organising projects that I’d had the honour of being a part of over the years. It was during this trip down memory lane that I realised that what my clients all had in common was productivity. It was one of the most requested problems that they asked me to solve, and I loved it!

Over the New Year’s break, I was able to reflect and lean into this shift. What if I stepped away from being a professional organiser and instead embraced my strengths as a productivity coach?

I paused and asked myself, thinking my instincts would kick in like an alarm clock snapping me awake, “what do you really want to do?”



My answer, well it was not quite what I was expecting and didn’t seem very practical. But diving a bit deeper, I found that maybe it’s not about organising and maybe it’s not about productivity, it’s about… nothing. Nothing in the sense that if we could pare things back to be as simple as possible, we’ll have more time to do ‘nothing’. More time to be still, sit, explore, think, breathe, actually enjoy life rather than rush through it.

This nothing discussion with myself and my employees (just kidding! It’s just me) led me to think about how I can best help others. How to help them shift through the physical and mental clutter and bring their goals centre stage. Creating systems that helped maximise their time and their efforts so they don’t stretch themselves too thin.

We live in a world where people are driven by more, more, more. But why not less, less, less? How can we declutter in this time of so much stuff? How can people feel more fulfilled and get back to basics? I want to help people organise their schedules and thoughts, so there’s less to think about, less to worry about, less to concern themselves with. I want to help people be a human being rather than a human doing.

I made the decision, quite quickly and strongly in fact, that productivity and effectivity through time management are where I’ll focus from now on. I’m so excited to take florandorder in this direction. I can coach people to manage and organise their relationship with time, goals and productivity. Allowing them to have space in their lives to just do…

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