About Christie

I love helping clients engage with their motivations and encouraging mindset shifts, to test actions and strategies, and tweak all of these whenever necessary.

I’m a calm, resourceful and compassionate Organising Coach who uses the principles of coaching to tackle organising challenges. Because at the end of the day, it’s never about the stuff. By utilizing coaching techniques, I can really get into the real issues and desires that are just under the surface of an initial request.

Organising is a lifetime skill that evolves and changes through the years. I’m completely convinced that in today’s fast paced world it’s a basic tool for achieving a more fulfilling and happier life.

It’s through getting organised that you can:

  • gain support from within when challenged or stretched for time;
  • appreciate only value adding possessions and have more time and interest in caring for them;
  • live life more fully and authentically; and
  • navigate your way safely in the dark (because you know where everything is)!

As a kid I grew up travelling the world, following my parents’ diplomatic careers. My mum recalls that I was always the first unpacked in our new homes. The rest of the house would still be in boxes but my room was set up and in order before she could even sit down. Every. Time.

For me that was what I needed to feel grounded and to make sense of each new life chapter. It’s for these reasons that I know what a great tool being organised is. It’s been a support and an anchor throughout my life, for which I’m very grateful.

Helping others realise what support they can give themselves by simply focusing and spending time on their environments and things, is one of the reasons why I love my work so much.

My favourite people to work with are those who have become aware that they need a life overhaul. I enjoy working with people who are ready for change, who know that they could be doing something differently, which would make them much happier, and they want the guidance to get them there because they learn better through doing.

  • Our work starts with a coaching session or two and then work takes on a blend of hands on organising with coaching sessions in between either in person or on Skype (this completely depends on what suits the client).
  • And then having tackled some of the most pressing issues, there is opportunity to get into more detailed areas like scheduling and designing a life that they love.

These are some common problems that I hear:

  • “I can’t stand my small space and need help making it more comfortable.”
  • “My paperwork and emails are out of control. No systems I’ve tried have ever worked.”
  • “I don’t have time and my house feels like a mess. What can I do to make it easier to maintain?”

Basically, being an Organising Coach is similar to being a Personal Trainer but for life skills. A lot of people could get fit on their own but some choose to employ someone to get them started and to keep them motivated as new hurdles come up as they go along. The same goes for organising.

Clients get in touch with me because:

  • I find it fun to play with space and to problem solve through creative solutions;
  • Efficiency excites me;
  • I’m obsessed with life hacks;
  • I’m fascinated by people’s relationships to things and environments; and
  • I love getting people towards their best possible life by supporting themselves and making the most of their greatest commodity – time.

What I find endlessly interesting is that we are all so different and that how we approach and make sense of our lives and environments is never the same. The fact that everyone will do things differently is one of the elements of my work and industry that never ceases to amaze me.

My clients have said that my style is calm, non-judgemental and light but gently persistent. I’m a calm presence who keeps them on track and helps cut through overwhelm. It’s by making sense of what’s going on for a client through listening and analysing the information available to me that helps my clients make lasting life changes.

It’s for all these reasons and many more, that have led me to working in this wonderful and essential organising industry.