About Flor&order

In today’s fast paced world, being organised is one of the essential survival skills. 

Life is busy and being human increasingly reflects that. Getting organised isn’t so simple as doing this or buying that.

The urge to organise arises inside each of us in infinite ways but at the heart of the matter is that gaining clarity is a part of life.fb pp test-10

Clarity that enables us to grasp a sense of where we have come from and where we want to go.

I love providing a service empowering others to find their special clarity and move in the direction of “doing life their way”.

My organising philosophy combines developing mindfulness, encouraging an appreciation for minimalism, increasing an appreciation of what to be grateful for, and sharing knowledge of essential life support tools which can enable all the above.

Top 4 benefits of being organised:

  • Gain support from inner self when challenged or stretched for time;
  • Appreciation of possessions and have more time and commitment to caring for them;
  • Live life more fully and authentically; and
  • Can navigate way in the dark!

Click HERE to read more about Flor&order’s philosophy.







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