7 Powerful habits that will get you organised

7 Powerful habits – easy as one, two, three…

If you get these 7 powerful habits in action (you don’t have to adopt them all in one go either) you’ll never have to spend hours re-organising your house again as things will remain at a consistent organised level.

1. Put things away after using them. I’ve seen so many clients with piles of shopping, dirty workwear on the floor, dvds on the floor. The list goes on. By simply putting things away after using them, it becomes a habit that makes your space happier and simpler.

2. Regularly take stock of your stuff. If you want to buy another black shirt, go through how many black shirts you already have. If you have seven already, do you really need another?

3. Before purchasing something, ask yourself ….where will it live and and do you love it?

4. Shop less and stick to a list (very difficult in Melbourne, I know!).

5. Practice gratitude for what you have instead of simply wanting more. Maybe you only purchase lesser quality items? If they were of higher quality, you treat them better. You can get amazing brands like Sportscraft and CUE from op shops – so don’t always think you have to spend $$$$$$ on something amazing.

6. Don’t let junk mail into your house.

7. Spend 15 minutes a day clearing surfaces of clutter.

What habit will you action first?

Not sure what the best course of action is? Want to get started on these 7 powerful habits? Get in contact with Christie at florandorder who can help you determine your priorities.