Productivity Kickstarter

Feeling stuck?

Are you drowning in tasks and overwhelmed by 'getting through' all the things on the to-do list and afraid of all the other things that haven't even made it to the list yet?

You feel like you can’t stop even for a minute because there’s so much to do. And at the end of the week, you’re spent – exhausted and emotionally drained, not knowing how you’ll muster the energy to do it all again next week.

The demands to “have-it-all” “be-it-all” “hustle-grind-sleep-wake-repeat” and “just-keep-going” are unrealistic in the long term and before too long, either your body, your mind, your work or relationships will feel the burn of you trying to keep up. 

There’s an easier way to “do life”. 

And it starts with your relationship with TIME. 

We all have 1440 minutes every day to consume. And consume we must because time? well, she doesn’t stop for anyone. 

World leaders, Stay At Home Mums, Celebrities and Office Workers – it doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do, no one has more or less than anyone else.

Isn’t that cool? Time is one of the few commodities you can’t buy “more” of.

However, you can learn to master your relationship with time and the way in which you interact, perceive and use time.

It’s the strategies around time management that do separate the successful from the struggling.

The simple and effective ways in which you can gain more from your time whilst learning how to approach your relationship with time in a more holistic, calm and measured way could be the key to a happier, less stressed and more fulfilled life.

That’s what my experience with time has taught me and the power of these strategies is what led me to become a Time Trainer and Goal Strategist.

Hi! I’m Christie. Owner of florandorder and your Coach. My mission is to help you live your most centred, productive and efficient life. Fuelled by confidence, calm and fun. You can find inner stillness and continue to do all-the-things.

Working with me will help you to banish the overwhelm and reconnect with your purpose.

Presenting: 'Productivity Kickstarter'

This is a 4 week course that helps you get a fast grip on your days and generates breathing room to begin to think about the bigger picture of your life by moving you from reactive to proactive.

This is your chance to develop the basic skills to get out from under the pile of never-ending to-do’s that you know you’re going to push to the side, so that your life can feel easier, lighter and more aligned with your purpose. 

Once free from everything yelling at you, you’ll have more time (and space in your head) to tackle the broader deeper Time and Life Management issues.

This four week course is a supportive framework that will help you approach Time Management from a calmer and more centered place.

The best thing is that you have an expert with you to guide and teach along the way. Step-by-step you’ll be given guidance, exercises, and prompts designed to help you at every stage of the course to ensure you’re getting the best results and the most value from your *time* and investment.

How this course will benefit you now: 

  • Free up some hours quickly.
    If you are so overwhelmed with to-dos that you can barely breathe then this will help you get a fast grip on your days and help you focus on what’s important, what’s necessary and what’s essential. This course will teach you how to quickly take charge of the overwhelming number of to-dos that you find constantly coming at you.
  • Demystify how to organise YOUR time the way YOU want.
    Each of us have unique pressures, responsibilities and needs placed on us from our lives. It’s easy to get trapped on the treadmill, never stopping to design the life you want to live, managing time the way that’s best for you. This course will help you achieve this.

Here’s what you can expect to happen when we start working together: 

  • You’ll shift from reactive to proactive (no more being surprised by urgent things erupting here, there and everywhere).
  • You’ll start to feel in control of your to-do list and be able to dream again (because you’ll have the time to think about other stuff again!).
  • You will let go of that tight feeling in your gut thinking you’re stuffing something up or forgetting something (because the load will start to feel a little lighter).
  • You’ll be across everything you’ve got on your plate, clearing the mental clutter that gets in your way so you can get on with your day.
  • You will rest easy at the end of each week knowing you’ve been productive
    and efficient [so there’ll be less of those wake up at 3am moments worrying about things].
  • You’ll have an expert on your team, coaching you to working the best way you can [and celebrating your wins].
  • You’ll be part of a small but powerful group, eager and willing to learn and listen as we work through time strategies together.

Over the four weeks of our course you will learn how to: 

  • Make time a tangible, manageable thing to organise.
  • Improve your estimating skills so that you’re no longer surprised by how long things actually take.
  • Build a plan around your own unique priorities and smash it!
  • Use simple but effective time management skills so you can protect your breathing room and gain confidence on how to enjoy *every* day.

Ultimately this four-week program is about taking back control of your every day. You will finish the program equipped with the skills to help you live without stress and fear that you’re falling behind, letting time get away from you and running a race you can’t win. You can’t google this stuff – it’s personal, deep work based on your unique relationship with time. 

Sound good? Let’s do it!

Yes please, book me in!

Your four week schedule looks like this:

> Weekly Zoom Group Calls (60 minutes)
We keep the group small. So you won’t be on a zoom with millions of people. You’ll be able to learn with and from your fellow students. Christie leads the call so there is no awkwardness, you will have questions and prompts plus each week the conversation builds on the exercises from the last week.

> Access to a private Facebook group
Have a question or want to share something between zooms? You’ll gain access to a supportive, small Facebook group. If you love the sense of community and camaraderie that comes along with group coaching, you’ll love this.

> Support and Coaching
This is a coaching course so over the four weeks prepare to be gently coached. The aim of this course is to give you a structure and a system, not contribute to your stress or to-do list. So whilst it’s a powerful and transformative course, it’s not going to take up any more precious bandwidth in your week than what we’ve outlined (roughly 75 minutes a week). Should you need extra support, Christie will be able to jump in and help you out. This is not a ‘sink or swim’ course; we’ve got you covered.

Course Structure 

Like all good “time management” courses, we have managed our time together. Here’s the basic structure of what our weeks will look like:

Week One 

After this week you will know how to make time tangible and have some new ways of looking at time.

Week Two 

After this week’s session you will have the tools to successfully estimate your tasks and understand the key role that this plays in Time Management. You will also have established the foundations of your Task Management System.

Week Three 

After this week, you’ll know how to choose between the huge number of tasks you face on any given day. You’ll have the tools to sort and separate the demands and streamline them.

Week Four 

After this week you will have the tools to carry you across the finish line. You’ll also have a plan that sets your following month up for success. And I bet that you will also feel so in control that you’ll be excited to action your plan!  

*Please note, the structure is subject to change and depending on the needs and requirements of the group the structure may shift to accommodate more or less of what the group needs.


The total investment for all this time management and life-changing goodness is $297.

That’s a steal when you think about it! Especially if you’re currently living off caffeine and/or gin to push down those feelings of overwhelm.

Speak with Christie today to enrol in our upcoming group.

Yes, I want this!

Hear from some past and current clients share their experiences of working with me:  

I feel less rushed about life!

I am a mum who runs my own business and I was really struggling to keep on top of the juggle. I was writing notes on scraps of paper, running multiple notebooks for different tasks and feeling completely scattered. I was also wasting precious time trying to find importation information and remember where everything was. After just a few hours with Christie, I already feel so much more in control of my to-do list. We have set up a really simple system for getting all my thoughts down, then transferring to short, medium and long-term goals. It feels completely achievable and SO much easier than what I was doing. Christie even sat patiently beside me and helped me engage with some technology I have been avoiding, which is going to be an enormous benefit to my work practices. I cannot believe how much we got done in such a short time. If you are feeling inefficient and out of control, I cannot recommend Christie enough to help get you back on track. And she is a lovely person to boot. You won’t regret it.

I feel more in control of my time. It’s helped me see more clearly that where I still have trouble getting my time planned, maybe I have other issues that I need to work on. Like diving into my emotions around why planning is so hard, how it relates to anxiety about the future, overwhelm, loss of confidence in planning my time in the past.

Christie is an amazing person to talk to. She makes things that appear difficult seem a lot easier. She has taught me how to break tasks down in order to make it achievable and above all, to keep it simple and realistic. I recommend her to anyone who is feeling lost especially during these tough times.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

After my first session with Christie I had the most productive week in years! And it even included a 3 day holiday with my family. Christie taught me how to plan my time in advance, and to create a visually appealing and balanced calendar combining work, family and fun. It’s got me excited about my days and keeping me productive and present. Highly recommend!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Jo ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

When I first met Christie, I was in the midst of an absolute personal crisis. I felt overwhelmed and was drowning with the demands of managing my business while struggling to meet the ups and downs of family life. Christie was very valuable in helping me identify where to start in what seemed like an overwhelming mess. During my goal strategy session, she quickly identified my needs, helped me prioritize and break down my most impending business issues into manageable bite size pieces which in turn allowed me time and space to focus on more pressing family needs. Her suggestions were clear, practical and straightforward to implement which enabled me to keep things moving forward and at the same time setting up for expansion. I came away feeling motivated and with a sigh of relief. I can highly recommend her services to get the most productivity from your valuable time and most importantly, choice in where you spend it.

Feel like you could benefit from this course?

Whether you’re struggling to find balance in your work and life, are unclear on how to achieve your big goals or you really need a big push in your systems and processes to get to the next level of productivity, I can help. If you don’t feel as though you can commit to a group coaching situation but you desperately want one-on-one coaching, then you can find more information here and you can always take advantage of my free 30-minute session to see whether you’d like to pursue coaching with me. It’s obligation-free and yes, completely money free too!

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