Get the ball rolling to kick procrastination to the curb


Procrastination affects us all. I’ll often get stuck into something after putting it off for so long that I wonder why I dreaded it so much. Sometimes I find that all I needed was a way in to get the ball rolling, just a little task that gets my interest into gear and kick starts the project.

I’ve found that a small win will help motivate clients to keep going for their organising goal. Starting with decluttering – if you keep feeling stuck, simply pick one of the below tasks and go for it! Set a timer for 20 minutes and see if breaking such a task into more manageable pieces feels more doable.

  • Old stationery and crafting supplies
    • dried up paints
    • glues
    • pens that don’t work
    • notebooks that don’t inspire you
  • Clothing
    • Broken or cheap/free clothes hangers
    • Socks that are threadbare
    • Knits you didn’t wear last winter and knits with unmendable holes
    • Clothes that you have always felt wrong in – for starters, jeans
  • Kitchen
    • Mismatched or excess cutlery
    • Baking accessories that you haven’t touched in years
    • Fancy platters, place mats, doilies that aren’t ever used
  • Bathroom
    • Expired makeup (foundation and concealers especially)
    • Worn out towels of any variety
    • Candles you’ll never use and that have lost their smell
  • Household items
    • Expired vouchers stuck to the fridge door
    • Keys that you can’t match to any known lock
    • Cards that aren’t meaningful
    • Broken, old or unused toys
    • Worn out, rusty or broken gardening tools that you don’t use

Have a go and let me know what it is that you found surprising?


Organising heart, head, and home


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