Freezing milk and other things my Mum’s taught me

glass-1587258_640These life hacks come directly from my Life Hacking Queen of a Mum:

  • You can freeze milk if you don’t think you’ll use the whole carton. When you’re ready to use it again simply pop it in the sink to defrost or sit it in some cold water or defrost in the microwave on low (depending on how desperately you need that coffee or tea!).
  • You can also freeze cheese… especially cooking cheeses, such as Parmesan, bags of shredded pizza cheese, actually, you can freeze most things – your freezer is your budgeting and non-waste friend!
  • The best muesli mix is one that you make yourself (and not just because you can mix in Cocoa Puffs or Honey Nut cereals). Buy a few different packs of cereal and mix all together with some supermarket home brand rolled oats. Bonus tip: Use laundry pegs as clips on opened cereal bags to keep them fresh.
  • Ants hate lemon rind – if you find you’ve got a production line of ants racing through your kitchen drop some lemon rind pieces along the track and they’ll soon get lost.
  • Vinegar and Bicarb Soda are a great cleaning team – most cleaning problems from stains to mold can be solved with this duo.
  • Soak a white jacket in vinegar if red wine has splashed on it (even if it’s days old) – I swear it will be gone in a day’s soak!
  • A cooked chook from the supermarket can be used for an amazing number of easy and delicious meals. One being to serve with a ready-made curry/pasta sauce to tantalise your taste buds.
  • Use a matchstick to quickly singe an end of something, such as skirts, shoelaces, threads – instead of having to sew.
  • Hang your clothes to dry on the line by the edges to avoid lines drying deep into your clothes; or even better – use a clothes hanger which you can then pop back into your wardrobe as is.

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