A neat trick to tidy up scuff marks

Do not underestimate the power of a Sharpie. With the help of this handy tool, scuff marks on shoes can vanish. This takes using a black permanent marker to disguise tears in tights to a whole new level.

I’ve used this technique on many coloured shoes and various materials. It’s a technique that works on small marks or very large areas. And considering the colour of my new handbag, I may have to employ it in the future there too.

My new leather summer sandals are from Bared. Besides being ridiculously comfortable they are also rather shiny and from my experience, shiny shoes have a tendency to show wear and tear more readily.

Shoes take a beating, it’s just part and parcel of their duty. Arriving home from a day out I noticed that a scuff mark had appeared on my sandal.

Before (scuff on left sandal, second bar from top on right side)
Close up of wear and tear
The method – take one Sharpie of ideal colour, apply to scuff mark and using a cotton wool bud, blend the spot. Repeat if necessary.
Viola! After!
Close up of of after

And there you have it! With the use of a Sharpie, your shoes can stay looking new for longer.

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