My ready-for-anything work draw

It’s become a bit of a joke at work that if someone needs something then I will most likely have it. And it’s true, I like to be prepared for most situations and also any wardrobe malfunctions. And nothing annoys me more than when I really need something but don’t have it on hand. Because of this, my work draw is continually changing as things come to mind that I either wish I had or just sound like something I may need in the future.

In my work draw are duplicates of products I have at home. These are products or tools that I find I need at work occasionally and often urgently, but I don’t want to be carrying them around in my handbag throughout the week on the off chance that I may happen to need them. Buying duplicates also resolves the conundrum of ‘but what if I need it at home?’.

I also found that some products are needed more at work than at home. Work is where I most notice that my shoes need polishing and it takes a bit more than a minute to use my Kiwi Wax Rich Shine and Protect Instant Polish and viola! polished shoes! Or on my way into work I realise that my dress is unbearably static, so upon arriving I grab my Allendale Staique Anti Static Spray and head into the bathrooms, take my dress off and hang it on a hanger inside out, and apply the static spray. I am then comfortable and feel confident for the rest of the day.

Work draw

Besides the shoe polish and anti-static spray, my other ‘just in case’ items are:

· Shoe support (especially useful if wearing in new shoes): super glue; heel grips; Dubbin; Band-Aids; Rub Relief stick

· Emergency flats (some black flats that I don’t use anymore but don’t look too scruffy in case of an emergency)

· Spare tights (nude and black)

· Panadol

· A few cotton wool balls

· A black shawl (in case I get cold I can use it either as a wrap for my arms or a nana rug for my knees)

· Lint remover brush (for when you just happen to notice some unsightly lint)

· Tampons

· Safety pins

· Umbrella

· A few canvas shopping bags of different sizes

· Birthday banner (has come in mighty handy for marking colleague’s birthdays)

· Desk spray cleaner

And then I have a number of products that give me that much needed lift throughout the day and allow for touch ups before heading to a social event after work:

· Hairbrush

· Hairspray (travel size)

· Dry shampoo (great for those ‘flat days’)

· A little bit of foundation in a reused sample pot from Mecca Cosmetica (never throw these out! They are so useful!)

· A pocket mirror

· Deodorant

· A small sample of perfume

· Lip gloss (I swap between a good one and a not so good one, or if I need to use one up I’ll use it at work as it’s where I can most regularly reach for it)

· A nail file

· Fabric freshener

· Eye drops (single dose ones for hygiene reasons)

· Refreshing face spray (for when I feel sleepy or sweaty from a walk at lunch)

· Floss (in case those meaty lunches of mine make my teeth feel uncomfortable)

4 thoughts on “My ready-for-anything work draw

  1. I love that you have a ready-for-anything draw at work! I used to joke that I had a chemist in my bag because I used to carry panadol, eye drops, hand sanitiser, bandaids, antihisthamenes (spelling..?) and insect bite cream. Having anti static spray at work is genius! There have been so many times where I get to work and realise my dress/skirt has turned into some kind of weird poop-sack pants. My work draw looks nowhere near as organised as yours, but I keep a small mirror, hand cream, phone charger, a plethora of tea and snacks! Oh, and I also have a wooly scarf on my chair for when the office gets cold 🙂 Hooray for apocalypse-prepared work draws!

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    1. Hooray for apocalypse-prepared work draws indeed! I hope that you get yourself a ‘leave at work’ anti-static spray and combat those weird poop-sack pant occasions! – Love that visual by the way!


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